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Tallahassee Attorney Provides a Tenacious Defense to Floridians Facing Charges

Florida lawyer represents clients accused of drunk driving, traffic violations and other offenses

When you are charged with a crime, you need a strong legal defense to protect your rights and offer the best chance at an optimal result. At my firm, Roby Castillo Law, PA, I represent clients throughout the greater Tallahassee area who face criminal allegations. Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or another crime, I provide a diligent defense. I do not back down in even the most complex cases against the strongest opposition. You can count on me to make a strong argument, protect your legal rights, and obtain the best possible results under the circumstances. As well as defending clients on criminal charges, I also represent clients in estate planning matters, tailoring custom instruments to meet their needs and preserve their legacy.
Areas of Practice

Decisive advocacy in Tallahassee for criminal defense and estate planning

My firm represents clients in Tallahassee and the surrounding region in the following areas:
  • Criminal defense — I defend clients on a range of charges, including DUI and traffic violations such as speeding, reckless driving, and texting while driving. The state of Florida takes traffic citations seriously, so you need a defense attorney who will just as seriously challenge the allegations against you. Beyond fighting to keep you out of jail, I will help you protect your driving record and privileges.
  • Estate planning — With strategic estate planning, I can help you safeguard your assets and express your wishes so that your loved ones, including pets, are provided for once you pass. If you need assistance with wills and probate or help with handling trusts and estates, I offer considerate and comprehensive guidance.
For a defense or legacy matter, I offer a free consultation so you can be confident you have a knowledgeable and qualified attorney handling your case.

Contact a dedicated Florida defense and estate planning lawyer for a free consultation

At Roby Castillo Law, PA, I represent clients throughout the greater Tallahassee area in criminal defense and estate planning matters.  Please call 850-583-1052 or contact me online for a free phone consultation to learn how I can help.
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